Part 1: The London Book Fair

I started off by heading too Whitechapel Gallery to see The London art book fair. There were many independent book shop stalls, artists, illustrators and designers. I discovered many peoples work which has inspired me greatly and will help on my daunting summer project. There were people who did letter pressing too book binding, poetry writing too envelope collecting.
I got talking to a woman, (Helen Douglas:
who created a beautifully intricate book based on her time in mexico, all of the photography was taken on a little automatic Olympus camera, which she then super imposed paintings, beads and cut outs onto. Once the book is completely folded out it creates a panorama of the views she has seen from a garden. The intense colours and shapes enhance the feeling of being in touch with nature and our spiritual connection with our environment. She wanted you too feel as if you was there and to get a real sense of how human beings are a small aspect to the world. 
Another person I got chatting too was Photographer Philip J Brittan:
He had created a book from various natural history museums exploring the juxtaposition of enclosed animals and the children viewing them. Instead of getting photographs where you can see the animal perfectly with no reflections, he captures the viewer interacting with the animal. The photographs had great contrast and dimension, some looked as if they had been photo-shopped together to create a double exposure, but being straight from the camera added a extra magical quality. 
I could have easily spent all my money at this book fair, but being a student in London comes at a cost. Thankfully the majority of people there had post cards and business card I could take and research later.