Part 2: Beers contemporary Gallery

Beers contemporary Gallery Shoreditch. 
After going round the book fair I walked too the beers Gallery which had a great exhibition on called Cut-Copy-Paste (Frank Day, Michael Mapes, Brian porray). I saw this exhibition on the 'Artsy' app and knew I had too see it. 
Michael Mapes was the main artist I wished too see (shown in the photographs) he is technically a portraitist but rarely uses paint. He instead reconstructs some of the Dutch Masters most famous 17th century portraits, by arranging and compartmentalizing fragments of a persons life; dissected photographs, locks of hair, handwriting samples, jewellery - into highly detailed works of art. Its in-between photography and sculpture which creates this beautiful display.
I had to spend a few minutes soaking up all the information stored with in the pieces as they were highly intricate and needed the attention.

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