March/April/May Work & Play

First of all, the past three months have been pretty busy and inspiring. From having my work exhibited, travelling to Scotland for the first time and small collaborations with friends, my work really picked up, creativity flowed and I feel a lot more defined, understanding more where I wish my artwork to go and where I may fit in a career.

Lets begin with Newcastle. Whenever there is an opportunity to visit a new city, finding creative hot spots and good galleries are a must. The Baltic was incredibly impressive and reminded me of the Tate Modern. Industrial origins continuing to leading the way of progress. With vast spaces and various floors there is artwork for everyone. Seeing karl schwitters at the Hatton gallery was also incredibly inspiring, a fellow collage artist who has a natural eye for composition and colour.
Two pieces stood out for me however more than most; in The Baltic. Abstract in the sense of colour, composition and material...

Sofia Stevi 'Turning forty winks into a decade'
'Drawing inspiration from literature, philosophy and the everyday, her works bring together a wide range of references. With works of paintings, fabric collages, books and pillows, they touch on dreaming and the unconscious.' with this collection of work it was less about the entirety of the rooms, but selective components. How the calming cool tones mellowed the room, with the inclusion of the cosy pillows and pastel shades it softened the inclusion of sexuality. Stevi's works on paper were most inspirational to me, expressive, textual and erotic undertones capture the senses in a soothing haze.


The second piece that stood out was Jasmina Cibic ' This Machine builds nations' her practice explores how art, architecture and political rhetoric come together to be used in the name of a nation.


Leading on from Newcastle, hopping on a train to Edinburgh it was a glorious day. This excursion was more about the exploration of a new location and soaking up architecture, people and the landscape. Never visiting Scotland before it was a nice introduction.

In-between my next journey to Scotland, I visited my friends in London. Pit stopping at The Photographers gallery & the Saatchi (which for me is always a disappointment, but a good visit neither the less) before heading back to Wandsworth to create collaborative collages. Visiting London is always a strange experience. When you live close to the center you seem to drift away from it and carve your life in the suburbs. Little towns which have their own culture and emotions, you take time in visiting places you wish to go. Leaving the house when you know its not a bank holiday, a weekend or school holidays. For being caught central in these times is an utter nightmare.
Graduating and moving away, London is back to being a tourist hot spot, I am a tourist. Planning my time to fit everything I wish to catch up on and being caught in the crowds. Do I miss it though...? Greatly. Not from the fact its the capital and there is always something to do, cool coffee dens, bars and TFL, but for them little towns I regularly frequented, being close to friends I adore and having an enriching creative and cultural scene. Moving back to a small town surrounded by fields, there is an emptiness that pulses though when you need more than a walk down a canal, a cheap beer or your high school friends. It can be lonely and isolating. But just as equally rewarding.

Glasgow and Oban was a sporadic trip. Wishing to see the rival town and hide away in the middle of no where, it was a nice get away. Glasgow reminded me of Manchester and Edinburgh mashed together, it was a vibrant city with a great art scene. Travelling alone however only gives you one side of a City. From my solo Europe travelling last year I learnt that the night life is something you can miss out on if you don't make an effort to socialize. Forgetting this I was in Glasgow on a Friday night not doing an awful amount.
From a 3 hour train from the city I arrived in a little fishing town of Oban. The journey up was stunning, from every window was a postcard view, this alone would inspire everyone. Oban provided me with a sketchbook filled of ideas, thoughts, sketches and contemplation's. Sat by the harbor watching the sunset with a small bottle of wine, its difficult to not be at ease and feel very meditative.





My artwork: