Barbara Brown - The Whitworth

17th- 11th March 2018 - The Whitworth Manchester



Navys, Oranges, Mustard and gray scale; its easy to see which period these fabrics originate from. With there curves, three dimensional quality and intricate designs the term golden girl of Heal's fabrics is well earned. Barbara Brown's first solo exhibit of her fabric designs from the 1960-70s present these lavish designs in full glory. Some prints remind me of almost lino-cut styles, exploring overlapping elements and mark making, while others are bold with there geometric features and sharp colours. The thing that I loved from this exhibit is the uplifting and playful quality which washes over you, the feeling of wanting to touch the fabrics and their shapes, a sense of interactivity with the designs brings you back to the period these were created from. From a far its almost like they are paintings, reminding me of Bridget Riley's energetic works.