Workshop with Eddie Otchere

Over this past Month I have been lucky enough to be apart of a photography workshop with the legendary photographer Eddie Otchere. Eddie is known for taking portraits of artists such as The Wu Tang Clan, Jay Z and Kate Tempest, through the process of film and dark room printing. To have this opportunity to work closely with someone who has an incredible portfolio, story and personality it was really inspirational and all round fun.

The weekly workshops compromised of using a back and white disposable camera to shoot a roll of film, lean how to develop the negatives and then produce them in the dark room. Having previous dark room experience I picked the process back up quickly and found it a great joy to have another session seeing my photographs come to life in the developer. 
From this first session each week developed from the previous skills, leading onto working with Medium format film in a swanky East end London studio with lights and assistants. These photographs where then developed back in the Darkroom in Photofusion Brixton. Not being one to shoot portraits this session was an interesting one. I wanted to capture my subject both in the moment and staged, showing their personality simply. With a pure white background I shot my model Davide with black and white on a vintage Rolliflex. 
Developing the photographs in the darkroom was highly interesting and I love the shots I captured and developed. The lighting is beautiful and the contrast brings a dramatic quality to the vintage grain. The subject looks beautiful.

Otchere was side by side us (8 in total) giving us a helping hand and a giggle. Being such a great guy it was easy to work with him and ask questions, not feeling uncomfortable or over shadowed at any point. He allowed the group to follow their inspiration and creativity. Each producing unique shots and having fun. Working with others in this environment was also a great joy, to discuss our photographs and how we work in the dark room created a bond between us and towards the end we felt like a little family. We all captured and developed great photographs by the end and had a wonderful time working with Eddie and each other. 

Here is Eddie's Website:

and here are a selection of photographs I captured and hand developed: