Inspired by my first solo Europe trip I wanted to produce something which not only showcased the places I visited but how I felt. College is a versatile medium which can showcase a form realistically but be surrounded by surrealism and remove context. Stripping the element back to its minimal essence, that being form, shape or colour pallet.  

On my journey I took photographs of buildings which had some graphic composition to them, or interesting structures (which is practically every building in Prague) features such as buildings which the windows look like a pattern, buildings and structures which have sharp edges created by the sun, or detailing like the cast heads in Prague, wooden shutters in Amsterdam and external Pipe work in Berlin. Not being sure at the time what I wanted to create, I made sure of have a range of elements and angles, trying not to get the typical tourist shots, but creating strong photographs in their own right. 

From the collection of photographs I took they all had a similar colour pallet, or shapes that could be worked together. From this, merging the locations to create an overall feeling became the strongest idea. Not wanting to work initially on A4 or A3 a way of working needed to be devised. Each of my projects has been created through a different method, depending on the material I am working with and the style I wish to give. 

Being on location and immersed with in it, you are constantly moving around in circles, getting a 360 view, a bombardment of sights. From this a panorama sprung to mind, a piece that can be big enough to show details, giving a interesting space to work within which I haven't done before, and can give each location enough space while being composed together to produce a imaginary landscape. 

Gaining a large piece of sample wall paper, this began the basis of my panorama collage. Having the ability to choose the length on good quality thick paper for free. 

Printing off all of my photographs through my inkjet printer and professionally on photographic paper there needed to be another element to juxtapose. Giving a range of imagery to create exiting collages. Gaining vintage ephemera of the locations, such as 1940s postcards and papers, gave another essence of how the place use to be, and another angle. These images worked well with how I began to use my own photographs. From this wider scale to play around, interesting compositions were happening. 

Printing onto tracing paper and acetate allowed me to layer and play with opacities with the panorama. Photographing small sections of the large pieces led me to smaller crops of interesting elements which I could further play with for a publication or prints. 

The trip was looked over by sunshine, encapsulating me in a dream like state, everything seemed magical against a blue sky and all I needed on my back. This was a feeling I really wanted to capture, this sunshine state quality. Looking at the images created, this emotion is captured (in my mind anyway) and works extremely well. 
In contrast with the sunny images type was a large factor to consider. The publication needed something to add a dynamic quality to it, breaking up the complacent nature which could be produced from similar styled images repeated. . As you can see my technique of distortion was applied to create a dream like quality with the type too. 

After a lot of printing, photographing and collaging collages. I ended up making a small zine-esk publication, and a 2 meter panorama. 


A selection of pages from the Zine: