Jeff Koons Now 18.5 - 16.10 2016

Of course Damien Hurst has a private collection of Jeff Koons, which can fill an entire gallery! its something that should be so obvious. Both controversial artists and the reasoning behind why people may despise modern art. 

An exhibit that I usually wouldn't bother with but felt the need to go. Being a almost retrospective, I was curious, but all a bit 'meh'. On arrival the gallery space is as clean as you would expect a hospital to be. The first room filled with Koons early works, the hoovers and inflatable plants. The presentation was beautiful, but I didn't really see the point, there was no labeling to any of the pieces, or a introduction, not being a Koons follower I was a tad lost. Like I said, they were beautifully displayed, but if there was a concept, it flew over my head. The next room was one of his more popular pieces, the Inflatable Blue balloon Monkey, again it was beautiful, a wonderful spectacle and pristenly presented, but I could only make my assumptions behind why or what it was representing. A common trend which I did pick up from the show overall, was preserving childhood, e.g re-creating inflatables with steal and enlarging a pile of colourful playdough. 

The last room on the bottom floor was one I completely didn't understand and rather hated. I am not a prude person, but being presented with two advertising board size prints of Hard core sex is a experience I didn't really enjoy.  With a large pink bowl filled with white eggs in the middle it felt miss matched and odd, even though I did understand the connection. Upstairs were the suspended Basketballs, steel inflatables and casts of objects and a huge aluminium sculpture of colourful playdough. 

Through all the work, my favorite part of the exhibit was seeing young children on the floor drawing the inflatable elephant and playdough. The bright colours and childhood refrences a clear hit with young ones. 

Even though this is a rather 'meh' review of the show and am disappointed in how I expressed my experience and full feelings towards the show, I still highly recommend a visit, i did have fun and the pieces were delightful, just go in open minded.