Steam roller printing

Its been around 2 weeks now since I was in Acton printing my 1 by 1.3 meter lino. Being super excited and ready to get inked up, my hopes were high and enthusiasm was keen. I arrived in Acton with my friend Tabby at around 11 and was instantly getting stuck in. The event was chaotic, predicting over 3000 people to flow through during the day. My print was the 2nd to be printed. It was such a thrill to watch the steam roller warm up and roll over it, the smell, the atmosphere, the tension to see the print being revealed to the gawping audience was fantastic. Everyone there was ready to help out at any point to make the event run smoothly and slickly which was lovely, I made some friends and someone even wanted to buy my print (granted they have not yet contacted me, but it was lovely for them to want it!) It was such a special and rewarding experience to be apart off. Being so proud to have got the opportunity and own such a glorious print which I have created. The show with the final prints will be in Brighton in July, a little birdy told me they rarely show student work, so fingers crossed I can be one of the lucky ones to get included. 

If you wish to have a print drop me a message and we can arrange something.