Steam rolling lino

From leaving London on the 19th of March I arrived home to see a huge 1.5 tube full of my 2m lino roll. I had underestimated how large 1 meter actually was, instantly daunted by the prospect of carving such a piece. In London I had sketched a little idea down which I thought would be perfect on a lino. Below is the sketch, the concept is the housing system repressing the digestive system, starting at the top and working its way down to the rectum - or homeless. It is yet to have a title, but once I have created one, this too will be carved onto the lino.

Unrolling the lino from its tube was pretty insane, taking up the entire living room floor, I cut it into 2 parts, just over half way to create a 1.3M section and the other just under 1M. 

After 3 days of carving, now having hip ache, back ache and head ache, I had carved just over half way, leaving the bottom and type for last. 

It has been such a great experience drawing and carving a large lino. Looking at other steam roller projects has been very  insightful and inspiring also. If you have no idea what I am talking about when I say steamroller, I mean... this lino will be covered in ink and printed with a steam roller at the Transport Museum and London. Two prints will be done, one for me and one for the exhibit. 
The main worry has actually be how I am going to transport this back down to London, thankfully it will be lighter due to the lino I have removed so far.