GX Gallery Camberwell

After the Photography Gallery in Soho I headed home and wondered around the Contemporary photography exhibit of Judith Jones at the GX Gallery in Camberwell. The photos were of isolated houses surrounded by deep blues and greens. A feeling of isolation and uneasiness was cast over them, yet you can still recognize element with in the photos of your life which brings a sticking quality to them. 

Judith Jones being a fine art photographer her work often relates to personal conflicts and human frailties. The exhibit 'The Blue Hour' takes you though the transition between day and night. 'My Twilight images examine the dialectic between the outside and inside and with the conflicts of private and public spaces.' (Jones 2015) On viewing the photographs you get a sense of isolation and a coldness, the scene is mundane but the single shade of the sky cast a uneasy feeling. The pieces were just bigger than A3, they didn't dominate the space but required you to pay attention, this could represent the feeling of isolation and uncertainty which the artist wanted. These photographs could have been curated better in the gallery I thought, they were tucked away in a corner across from two large windows which was incredibly distracting, the refection from the windows onto the pieces also got in the way of fully appreciating the pieces.