Obsessing over Linos

Recently I have been carving and printing Linos none stop. Living in the print room has been so much fun and the technicians have been very supportive with advise, compliments and showing me the various rolling pins and presses. Printing onto fabric also to create hanging pieces, I want my art to have a purpose which is why I enjoy ceramic so much, Its an art form which you dont need to understand a concept.

At home I have tried by first relief print, for my first attempt I am rather proud of it and have learned alot! The composition and colours are off yes, but like I said.... It was a first attempt! so not too bad if you ask me. My mother is also helping me build a press, which is rather exciting, if all goes well I shall document it and show you how to make one for under £100!! 

Below are some images from the print room, final prints and my relief cut. (excuse the windows bar at the top, I was print screening from my instagram)