Michael Craig-Martin: Transience

Currently at the Serpentine gallery (25 Nov- 14th Feb 16') is Michael Craig -Martin's Transience exhibit. His usual fun, bright, simplistic style echoing through the space enticing you in. On entering you are welcomed by a 3D sculpture of a 2D light bulb, these elements were previously shown at Chatsworth which I missed, so was pleased to see a single one at least. In the space there are various sized pieces, the majority of the artworks are single element compositions, while my favorite composed of various element intertwined with various colours.

This piece particular stood out to me, the deep purple in contrast with the green wall extenuates the colours of the keys, drawing your attention to them first. On a actual laptop this is where most of our actions happen which transcend onto the screen. with only 3 sections of coloured elements the rest is black outline, clean, neat and mesmerizing. Craig-Martin is know for poking fun at modern technology and consumerism and was shown heavily at the show, having pieces of close up Iphones, Trainers, and game controllers. The wallpaper choice was also a piece of art in its self, as you can see from image one it comprised of black like elements of his painting of these mass made consumer products  which in contrast with the coloured walls and bright simple artworks really stood out and gave a element of calm and reflection. 

Another piece which stood out to me because of its one of a kind nature in the show was this:
4 colours including the background and only in outlines. It pleased my eyes and made me want to get up close to it, the 2 types of blues in contrast with the white outline and brown background, against the light blue wall. This piece stood on its own in the far left corner by the large glass window, the white outline being illuminated by the sun.

I really enjoyed the exhibit, it gave me inspiration and made me slow down my day which was a nice feeling in busy Hyde Park. The gallery staff were also very nice and chatty which is a first for me, usually in London I get frowned upon and instantly get stared at as if I am going to rub my hands all over the pieces or look so closely I will head butt a canvas, but no, The Serpentine was lovely and inviting.