London Zoo

A unexpected day out which was one of the most enjoyable I have had in a while. London Zoo is something I have wanted to visit for a while, having a interest and love for animals and their conservation, so having the chance to go was very exciting. It was much bigger than expected, but I thought some animals like the Tiger didn't have enough room by far which saddened me. But the keepers were very lovely, talkative and seemed to really have a bond with the animals which was amazing to see and know they want the best for the animals, during their talk presentations they also highlighted the conservation and the logos to look for while shopping which was extremely insightful. 
From my childhood Zoos have played a large part in my upbringing, going on school trips to Chester zoo was the highlight of any year. The fondest of my memories of me, mother and estranged brother going to Chester zoo and having a magic time with stay with me. London Zoo, was a must see.