Photographers Gallery: Saul Leiter

Its Tuesday, its a nice day. A beautiful day to go out and see some inspiring photography. First on the list is The Photographers Gallery Soho to see Saul Leiter. Being a pioneer in colour photography he is a key source for research and inspiration for anyone with a interest or appreciation for photography. With my own photographs you can see I like to play with light, having very dark shapes in contrast with highlighted elements, shapes, textures and environment are something that catch my eye when armed with my camera.With these in mind Leiter perfectly catches all these elements.

On entering the room you are greeted by his black and white early photographs and two tables islands which contain early books from him. The first photographs presented are extremely striking and dark in contrast, this continues along the wall untill you entire the next section and presented with his fashion colour photographs and painted nudes. One of the parts which particularly stood out to me in the exhibit was the painted nudes. They held a certain effortless beauty, the colours were bright but subdued when applied to the photographic paper. Instead of being the tacky tits out type of photos they were previously Leiter added glamour and an appeal for the eye. 

Not being a big fan of fashion photography they still drew me in and made me give my full attention to them, the colours were typical shades of the 60s, dark oranges, greens and poses which were very of a ere. Oozing old glamour and style of a golden period. Leading round the colour photography becomes predominant. Looking at weather, remaining to capture lighting conditions, reflections and a occasional secret self portrait. 

Leiter highlights neighborhoods and the people who inhabit them, capturing day to day lives, ruteins and the street. The little elements such as reflections, motion and small elements of colour really bring the photographs and environments to life, a master at making the unnoticed visible. 
I highly recommend this exhibit, not only if you have a interest in photography, but a interest in beauty, life or just a day out.