End year final piece.

A week has passed since the last university hand in, stress and worry about the end product evacuated my body on hand in. At the beginning of the project 'Push' I had major worry and anticipation, many weeks lay ahead of me of which I had no clue of what I was going to produce. From choosing the news article about a woman having a tumor in her brain which turned out to be elements of her unborn twin. The title included the line 'Evil twin' which I though was too funny for a newspaper such as the Independent. I went with the theme of her evil twin tormenting her, adding humor while using disturbing imagery. After finding the incredible medium of Posca paint pens I got handed a new lease of life, inspiration and creativity. Never having worked with them before I enjoyed experimenting and found I really liked what I was producing. From these initial drawings I still had wonder about the final pieces, I didn't want to create boring posters or a publication, it needed to be something unusual and bespoke. After a tutorial, ceramics had cropped up in the conversation, it was perfect!, disturbing unusual images on a mundane object, two contrasting elements coming together to producing something unique, interesting and one of a kind. I quickly mocked up sketches to template the images I wished to use, and selected lines from the article to create a narrative between the tea cups and saucers. After finalizing the mock ups and sending away the images to get placed on transfer paper, I awaited eagerly to transfer them. I created 5 tea cups and saucers total which I was extremely proud of and am now going to use in my day to day coffee drinking life. Here are a selection of photos of the final pieces and sketches.