London exploration.

After waking up to glorious blue sky's and beautiful heat I wanted to occupy the whole day. I wanted to experience London and see it with fresh eyes. Heading from Southwark to Camden on foot. On walking along Waterloo Bridge I got stopped in my tracks by the art instillation of a blue floating house, which you can actually stay in. I managed to get a good few shots and began to walk again. Having not left my room with my camera in such a long time I was stopped every few moments to capture something, I had missed this feeling and it filled me with excitement, as I was worried I had lost my photographic eye and confidence to pull out my camera without having to look like a tourist. I continued past Holborn and Euston and eventually reached Camden. Breaking for a moment with a refreshing Hooch in the local Weatherspoons, it was glorious to bask in the sun and take time to relax after a busy schedule. From there I explored the markets and had a chat to another northerner at a second hand camera stall, a chat about common turf. My main goal today was to see the Kevin Cummins New Order exhibit on at Proud Camden (on until the 7th of June). New Order being one of my favorite bands and Kevin being one of my favorite photographers I was keen to say the least. The photographs were absolutely stunning and filled me with inspiration and envy. The use of light, contrast, the composition and the behind the scenes feel gave them a fine art quality. I was happily shocked when a few of the shots were taken at Macclesfield leisure center, so close yet so far. I hope Kevin has more events in London as I was thoroughly gutted to miss the 'So this is performance' show by Peter Hook & the lights, as he did a talk and signing at my hometown of Macclesfield, hopefully London will call him back. To end the day I relaxed in the sun at Primrose hill looking over the clear London skyline eating strawberries and sipping chilled water, thinking how lucky and grateful I am to have the opportunity to live and study in the incredible city of London. It is such a shame how people who create culture are being pushed out of such a diverse city, in a few year the personality-less and strict appearance of the rich will be the only ones left to occupy it, which is a shame.