Ladybird exhibit

LadyBird exhibit. Bexhill-on-sea, 13th March.

A wonderful exhibition on the craft and art of the Ladybird books. Shows original art work, covers and the uncut piece of single paper they used to create the books. 
I found the exhibit really interesting and beautiful to look around. The atmosphere was calm so you could easily get a sense of the artwork. There was a few things I would fault though, the lack of information, there was no information on the artists who created the illustrations or even what they was created with. It was more about the book in general rather than the art. It was rather ill lit and my glasses needed to be pulled from my pocket to not strain my eyes to see the art in the almost darkness. 
Also, the location of the exhibit its self, I understand that not everything can be in London, but Bexhill-on-sea is a slightly failed beach town, everyone knows each other and there business, the closes main train station is Brighton which may cause issues for travelers wishing to view the exhibit. If I had not got a coach with UAL, I wouldn't have been able to view it, which is a shame.
But, overall it was a wonderful exhibit, interesting, engaging and inspiring, afterward fish and chips on the beach were consumed, so a day not wasted at all. 
A highly recommended exhibit.…/…/march/ladybird-books