Harry potter Graphic Design exhibit

The last day in London before I headed back home to Macclesfield was a very inspiring one. I had heard of this exhibit a while back and had been on my favorites bar ever since I saw it, somehow it slipped my mind and it wasn't until a friend posting on Instagram of the exhibit that it refreshed my memory. It was held in a small hidden away gallery with some great little features to enhance the magic of the design presence such as;  human hand sculptures for light fittings and railings, and similar door carvings. It was a small space but cram packed with posters, actual film props and book designs. It was a great exhibit and gave me such a drive to do better work, and to find a style of my own instead of doing this and that. The Marauders map was of particular interest to me, having a similar style of illustration, it showed me how I can incorporate a style like that in the industry or other things I produce. Seeing the designs in practice was also incredible, the actual props were beautiful, attention to detail must have been time consuming, but it was all worth while. The books were perfectly worn in, calligraphy hand writing on point, and the packaging was delightful.

 Here are some of my favorite pieces: