The World Goes Pop- Tate Modern

(17 Sep-24th Jan 16')
The Tate Modern being a prestigious gallery with many temporary displays on throughout the year, this exhibit I really wanted to see, Luckily I went with a friend who had a Tate card so we got in for free, with admission prices reaching £14.50, I think this is extortion for anyone. The Tate is suppose to be art for the people, being accessible and allowing anyone to see masters of the art world, but at this price I do not think it allows that idea and I certainly wouldn't like to pay anywhere near that price. (Rant over) On entering the room you are welcomed by a array of colours, canvases, 3D pieces and sounds, the room is alive with activity which give you a buzz. The exhibit sold its self as being a celebration of western culture, looking at politics, the body, revolution and consumption, being explored in technicolor across a array of media. Which I think it successfully did. The one thing I had a hang up about was the exclusion of the most famous pop art artists: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein, Richard Hamilton ect.... I understood they wanted to highlight other peoples fabulous work and not overshadow, but It felt a bit unusual, these are the artist everyone associates with the term Pop-Art but they were completely left out. 

Each room in the space had various wall colours and room layouts which led you through to the other room elements with ease, but during the exhibit I didnt feel a connection with any piece. There were ones which I though 'Oh thats nice, I liked what they have done here' or 'That colour works well with this element'  maybe a bit of 'I wish that person would move so I could have a decent look'. I think there was just too many things going on in the rooms, I know they must have had  a topic for different sections, but walking round just seemed a bit jumbled. The piece which appealed to me the most was the Laughing cow wallpaper, this was a fantastic touch and the repetitive image in white on the light blue really looked beautiful. 
I cant really say to much on the exhibit as to be honest I didnt really take it all in because of the amount of information I was bombarded with. I did however take some sneaky non-allowed photos which I will included to give you a fell for what I express (shhhhh), saying this I did enjoy it and am glad I got to see it, for free mind you....