Jim Marshall rock archive book release

On Tuesday the 23th of September I went too Rock Archive in Shoreditch for Jim Marshalls book launch:  'The Haight: Love, Rock and Revolution is a stunning collection of never-before-seen photographs of San Francisco in the 1960s that captures the essence of the era through Jim Marshall’s lens. Written by best-selling author, and longtime San Francisco Chronicle music journalist, Joel Selvin, The Haight shows the rise of the counterculture movement leading into the ‘Summer of Love’ like it’s never been seen before: live concerts, powerful candid’s, intimate portraits, street scenes, crash pads, and more. '


With his assistant speaking though some iconic photographs with fond memories and great stories too tell, you really got a sense of what he was like and the fascinating back story too the photographs. I listened and watched with great enthusiasm and felt I was being a part of something. Hearing stories of my idols such as Jimi Hendrix, the rolling stones and Bob Dylan made me feel closer then ever too them and could only imagine what it would have been like to take there photographs and be friends.  Also knowing he only shot on film and took thousand upon thousands of photographs makes you appreciated these photographs more, the trial and error process with film and the unknowing of what your photographs will come out like, having to get used to disappointment if something didn't work shows the determination and love for what he was doing which is inspiring in its self, and puts me too shame for just knowing how too use my Canon DSLR. 

Also at the launch was photographer Jill Furmanovsky, who founded the Rock Archive. (http://www.rockarchive.com/jill-furmanovsky-photographer.html, http://www.rockarchive.com/jill-furmanovsky-prints.html) To be in the presence of these successful industry professionals and to speak too these amazing people was really insightful and inspiring and makes me feel like I need to try harder and not be scared of disappointment.