Catch - up

I have been a very busy bee as of recent. With having a deadline on the 1st of Dec, I am rushing about designing and creating prototypes of books. The book in question is about African Masquerade masks, in particular two at the British Museum. With a 1500 word assay on there history and museum display to accompany the artwork in the book. I have found this rather challenging and stressful, having not done much layout work before, or including a large amount of text in a piece, has been a challenge, but I have enjoyed it and learned a lot. I just hope the end piece will look professional or suit its function at least. (pictures too follow)

Also having visited the Grayson perry exhibit at the Nation Portrait Gallery `Who are you?` got me thinking about personality and what I wanted to do, or myself in context with other people, a aspect I had never really delved into before. From this it has given me a better idea of how to go about my other university brief of 'Hightened awaness'. Taking a step back and really looking at details, why this? why that?...this is working so how about try this?, really experiment with not only my working style, but the way I think about my surroundings. From thinking of this I have actually been more in tune with my area and other people, seeing things I hadn't before, or overhearing conversation. This was the main project I was struggling on, so to have a better insight on what I wish to do has been a help. The exhibit its self is also fantastic, the pieces of art are as per of Grayson, astounding and meaningful. He knows how to connect with people and not only understand them, but represent them visually, which is a difficult task. The layout with in the space has been well thought out too, having to follow aa map to see each pieces creates a more interactive aspect toward his work, and the space they are allotted. This is also gives you breathing and thinking time with each object, to really think about them on a personal level.

With having Fridays off I thought I would go along to see BBC6 Music being broadcast from the British Library. With being a avid listener to the station I was keen to see how it operated and be in the presence of people who I admire, plus listening to great music for 3 hours in a library which was suppose to be silent gave a rebellious twist.  It was interesting to watch, and eventually take park in.

Having been shown a copy of a 'Sniffing Glue' fanzine in LCC I was taken a back when the creator was being interviewed, being cool and coy, discussing how and why he created them. With these zines selling for thousand of pounds and now have a almost cult following, I was surprised at how blasé he was towards them, not even having copies himself. They hold such a large large punk following and had a huge impact and that time, I felt a little overwhelmed but thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. 

Towards the end of the 3 hour show, me and my friend Alex: ( where chosen to design some band t-shirts for t-shirt day. Probably taking pitty on us for being there from the start and standing the entire time. We sat down and got drawing. It was really fun thinking of the bands and designs, then just grabbing markers and scribbling on the actual shirt. The designs we did, I think are really great, considering the materials and time we was working with. The BBC6 team seemed to be very pleased with them and the photographer even wanted one, this filled us both with slight pride. 

To hear the BBC6 show on Iplayer:, also a free track from DJ Yoda, which was created in the Library that day, sounded great live and highly recommend a listen at least. 

Had a really great day, and received a new twitter follow from the Steve Lamacq show which was lovely.