Stolen Space Gallery

After hearing about a exhibition at the Stolen Space gallery (Whitechapel) I decided too have a nosy myself. On entering the little gallery you are welcomed by intricate stained glass windows by Beau Stanton, they add a medieval atmosphere to the exposed stone building. Too appreciate them fully you have to stand back, view them with too their full glory with the array of bright colours shining through, but also get up close to see all the intricate brush strokes and small detailing. The exhibition is called ' Tenebras Lux' 

After passing the stained glass windows you enter into a bright clean space with painting by Word to Mother 'Too blessed to be stressed' hanging on exposed brick walls. The combination of the brick and paintings work extremely well as they give a sense of urban with there elements of humour and street art. Figures also sit amongst a landscape of earth tones, pastel shades and fluorescent highlights. creating a metaphoric contrast of the 'appreciation of the understated', versus glorified materialism. 

The layers of the pieces reveal them selves the more you look, on first viewing these pieces seem rather childlike and humours, but on closer inspection also reveal there maturity, the juxtaposition of loose gestural charcoal lines with refined graffiti and popular icon references. 

To accompany the larger hung painting are smaller framed pieces, minimal figurative pieces on wood and antique paper. These caught my eye especially as it is more along the lines of how I work, it gave me some ideas and new techniques to try in the future.